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The Alma Haus Press is about seeking knowledge and then pondering upon what has been learned. When we feel passionate about a subject we will research it more, or just let our passion out on the page. We do present others' work here, with permission. Please take a look around, we're rather sparse right now, but we're adding often. Certainly, we hope you enjoy your visit.

6 August 2017 ~ Hiroshima Day, It's time to plea for Peace & Friendship every where, especially the East & West. We should be able to work together to make this a better world. Presented here is one small publication that my colleague and friend, Chigusa Otsuka created with me:


We distributed, by hand, about 200 copies in green letter size paper, at the Japanese Memorial Park in downtown Portland, Oregon along the northern edge of Waterfront Park on the occasion of the Hiroshima & Nakasaki rememberence held by local peace promoters to commemorate the the atomic bombs being dropped. We represented the East & West.

Chigusa Otsuka and me, Bridget Smith, circa 1995 sharing a Spanish Coffee at Huber's Cafe. photo by Anthony.

Good Journalists. . .

. . .are dedicated to telling the truth.

. . .ask questions, then listens for the answers.

. . .draw conclusions from the information, instead of seeking information to support preconceived conclusions.

. . .look for the balanced picture.

. . .report what's correct to the best of their knowledge.

. . .quote opinions from attributable and reputable sources. Spell names correctly. Ask for bona fides

. . .make their opinions known, or leave them out.

. . .should not cause the news, but instead report the news.

When injustice begins to rule, it's time to pick up the pen to work for Justice for All.

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